Join as a Civilian Gliding Instructor

You have to be a pilot already, right? No! If you are aged 18-55 and show real aptitude we'll teach you. A mixture of individuals with an interest in aviation become Civilian Gliding Instructors - some are former cadets who have already won their solo wings, others are ex-RAF, airline or private gliding club pilots.

Of course it'll help if you already have flying or gliding experience, but we are more interested in developing your potential if we think you have what it takes to pass the skills you learn on to our cadets.

A flying start

You'll train to exacting standards in either the Viking winch-launched glider or Vigilant motor-glider with a highly experienced RAF Volunteer Reserve pilot. Your progress will depend on your ability, but if you attend your Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) regularly you may progress well enough to win your instructor wings within 12-18 months.

Each year we complete more than 18,000 hours of flying and send over 1,800 cadets aged 16-20 on their first solo in gliders. Flying is scheduled largely at weekends and during week-long camps during the Easter and summer holidays. As a volunteer you're not paid but, once qualified, you can claim expenses for travel and subsistence.

You'll be expected to fly for 2-3 days every month. With experience you also can apply for a commission to become an officer in the Training Branch of the RAF Volunteer Reserve, entitling you to up to 28 days' pay per year.

We are the largest gliding organisation in the world, so when you join you become part of a very special team, whatever your ability. If you think you can inspire the next generation of high flyers then why not take the next step?