You may know it's great exercise, but did you know that swimming is the cadets' most successful event? The ATC have won the last 29 annual tri-service meetings - beating both the Army and Navy! Swimming activities are divided into four age groups:

  • Junior Girls
  • Senior Girls
  • Junior BoysSenior Boys

You'll do most of your swimming in late autumn each year. It's a great sport where you can compete at all levels. Being in the water is great fun and bound to draw out aquatic skills you never knew you had. Push yourself, try different styles and you may be surprised how good you can be.

Make a splash

Go with the style that's right for you as a freestyle swimmer and learn new strokes and techniques. Here are some of the events you can take part in:

  • Freestyle
  • Back stroke
  • Breast stroke
  • Butterfly
  • Individual medley
  • Medley relay
  • Freestyle relay

What are you waiting for? Jump in!