What can we say about the 'beautiful game'? We know loads of you love football, and if you've played it then you'll already know all about being a 'team player'. Working together as a team, and knowing your individual strengths, is everything - just like being an air cadet.

Have a goal in life!

Imagine representing the Air Cadets and competing against other cadet services or external teams, even internationally. It's possible if you keep your eye on the ball.

We offer two forms of football:

  • 11-a-side
    Only played by male cadets, we use official FA rules. Competitions are run, mainly around the Autumn, at both junior and senior levels with the senior age group being able to play right up to Corps level.
  • 5-a-side
    Played by both male and female cadets, this is really popular. The boys’ competition, usually at the beginning of the year, is split into juniors and seniors, though this is normally only played up to region level.